Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriends

Two of my very best friend’s live across the country– one in Minnesota and one in Wisconsin. We’ve been inseparable since junior high and I love to send them snail-mail to remind them that I’m still thinking of them hundreds of miles away (b00). This year, I wanted to do a little something extra, so I created a Valentines Day Box to send to them. Have a girlfriend that you think needs a little pick me up? Just want your BFF to know that you’re thinking of them? A little Valentines day treat would be perfect. Shop for some fun knick-knacks, a creative card or the most cheesy heart shaped box of candy you can find. Enjoy watching the smiles on their faces (or hearing about them later)!


What I included:


Sutter Home mini wines // Target tea light holder + tea light // White Chocolate Chai stir-stick // Baby Lips lip balm // Funny V-day cards from Row House 14 // Socks

Ideas for other items you can include:

  • Candy
  • Margarita Mix
  • Individual Facial Packages
  • A Candle
  • Cookie Cutters
  • A Funny Book
  • A Mug
  • A Magazine
  • A RomCom DVD
  • A Cold Stone Creamery Gift Card

Do you ever get Valentines Day gifts for your girlfriends? What are some other ideas you have? 

  • Rachel G

    In high school, my girlfriends and I gave each other cards and jewelry and went out for fun outings on Valentine’s Day–I loved it!!

    • Kayli Schattner

      How fun!!!

  • Kate Hall

    Oh CUTE! I want to do something like this for my best friend :)

    • Kayli Schattner

      Let me know if you do, Kate! It’s such a fun idea :)

  • Kate @ Dusty Window Panes

    I just ran to target and patina last night to put together a few boxes for girlfriends. Glad I’m not the only one who loves doing this =)

    • Kayli Schattner

      Awe, how fun!!

  • Mal

    Love the package! My best friend lives in Paris, I should do that as well. This is so cute.

    • Kayli Schattner

      I’m sure she would love that, Mal! What a great idea :)

  • Jess Boyd

    Love this package! Heidi at Row House 14 always has the most perfectly-sarcastic-funny cards for every occasion.

    • Kayli Schattner

      I love Heidi– such fun cards!

  • Amy | Club Narwhal

    This is so cute, Kayli! Have you seen Parks and Rec when Leslie Knope does GALentine’s day for all her girlfriends? I think you would like it :)

    • Kayli Schattner

      No! I’ve been wanting to get into Parks and Rec but just can’t find the time…is it on Netflix?! Sounds like I would love it!

      • Amy | Club Narwhal

        I’m not sure but if it is, you are in for a treat!

        • Kayli Schattner

          Yay! Thanks for the suggestion, Amy! :)

  • Kiersten Rich

    Haha! This is awesome!

    • Kayli Schattner

      Glad you liked it, Kiersten!

  • Aukele | 91DASH

    I’m loving this idea Kayli!! I need to make up a box to send to my BFF in Washington state ASAP :)

    • Kayli Schattner

      Yay!! Let me know what you wind-up including :)

  • Alicia | Jaybird Blog

    What a sweet idea! Those are adorable cards. I love sending random care packages, too.

    • Kayli Schattner

      Aren’t they?! Rowhouse 14 is my new fave for cute cards :)

  • Eva Marie Taylor

    I love this idea! I always sign up for those box swap things when I should probably be sending them to my friends I haven’t talked to in forever but still think about! I even sell cards in my shop and don’t send them out myself enough!!

    • Kayli Schattner

      Maybe you can make it a goal for yourself this week then! :) snail mail is so fun, but I TOTALLY GET IT- I always forget and they sit on my desk for months…and then when I go to finally send them, my friends usually get outdated cards ;p

  • Caitlyn @ ChemGradBoom

    Kayli this is to freaking cute. What a great idea. I am totally stealing it for a package to my bff :)

    • Kayli Schattner

      Glad you liked it, Caitlyn!

  • Allison Leighann

    This is awesome in every way, hahaha. I have a bf, but I would still love all of this.

    • Kayli Schattner

      Glad you enjoy it, Allison! :) I have a boyfriend too (and one of my BFF’s actually has a boyfriend!) I just felt like doing something different :)

  • Robyn Petrik

    What a cute idea! You could also add a fun framed picture of the two of you too. More BFF love!

    • Kayli Schattner

      Oh, I love that idea, Robyn!!

  • Tracy O’Neill

    I love this idea! I think I might use it for other holidays/occasions as well!

    • Kayli Schattner

      That’s a great idea, Tracy! And so fun :)

  • Jessica – Independent Travel C

    I love receiving real mail. Lucky friends, I am sure they will love these packages!

    • Kayli Schattner

      Thanks, Jessica! I sure hope they do.

  • Annie Montgomery

    ha! I love the sutter homes! and, yes. so creepy.. I put little Belgian chocolates and Speculoos in my packages with homemade Galentines cards.

    • Kayli Schattner

      Haha, so funny!

  • Raine and Skye

    I love your gift ideas! Your friends will be ecstatic for sure! And a Cold Stone Creamery Gift Card? You read my mind ;)