Sunday Specials

Hi, everyone + hope you had an absolutely amazing week! This past week for me had a ton of craziness but I’m so excited because I get to go to Wisconsin this week! The best part? I get to bring G back with me to meet the rest of my crazy fam, take in some farmland and (of course) partake in some craft beer + cheese curds. Because, duh. It’s Wisconsin.

There were a lot of gems I found this week so let’s get started!

These boots from Gipsy Dharma are perfect for the last summer music festival on your agenda! Enter their giveaway + try to score a pair for free!


You’ll want to read this before writing your next headline.


Feeling a bit down in the dumps? Turn that frown upside down and watch these 6 uplifting TED Talks!


How to make more people want to join your blogging community than the Beyonce fan club.


In social media overwhelm? Here are simple secrets to streamlining you to-do list.


What’s your style personality? I got trendy fashionista!


5 Reasons You Should Launch a Business in Your 20’s (because the time is now, right?)


As if you needed another reason to go shopping today, here’s how a single outfit changed this girl’s life.


Mojito fruit salad? Uh, count me in!


Wanting to open an online shop? This post is everything!


What are you looking forward to this week ahead? 

  • Jess

    Love the social media advice from Design Sponge! Whether personal or for a business, social media can either consume your time or take a back seat and be forgotten. Great ideas on how to find a good balance.

    • Kayli Schattner

      I do too, Jess! Social media can be such an overwhelming element of running a blog/business– many people hire me (I’m a social media manager) because of just feeling burnt out + unsure where to turn! This is such a good way to assure that burn out doesn’t happen. :)

  • Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren

    That was really interesting to read about the blog headlines! Have a great Sunday!!

    • Kayli Schattner

      Glad you found it useful, Lauren! I hope you have an amazing day as well!

  • Kirsten Benham

    I LOVE the layout of your blog, it is so unique and unlike any other blog I’ve seen! COOL BEANS. Excuse me while I go and stalk your entire blog.

    Kirsten |

    • Kayli Schattner

      Awe, thank you so much, Kirsten! :)