Sunday Specials

This week has been a bit crazy. G and I are packing-up for a move to a new city, I started school again, I’m working full-time + I also am putting together the Kayli Wanders Holiday Gift Guide, so I’m constantly answering emails and coordinating different packages. It’s great, but hectic!

Today, we’re headed out to one of our favorite locations in Arizona, Sedona, to hike Devil’s Bridge + kayak on the Verde River! I’m super pumped + can’t wait to get back into nature, relax a bit + spend some quality time with G before school really takes over.

PS: If you are a small business or know of an amazing one, either a) let me know in the comments or b) jet me an email at! We’re on the hunt until October 1st :)

How was your week?

Are you on Blogger? Mo is having a Design Flash Sale + it is amaze.


G + I are planning a trip to Europe next summer, so I loved reading this article on a weekend in Bruges. How idyllic!


A blueberry muffin breakfast bake?! Count me in!


These 29 Historic (and adorable) terms for sex made me chuckle.


Want to write a “Wow!” headline that creates results in your next newsletter? Look no further.


Have you heard of Tonga? Neither have I but now I’m itching to go!


If I’m going to work out can I at least have this shirt?


Itching to start a business but wonder if you’re too young? Here are 5 reasons you should launch a biz in your 20’s!


This iPad mini keyboard would make working for clients on the road a zillion times easier. Anyone want to send a late birthday gift?


This Fall Favorites Blogger Swap sounds like tons of fun!


  • Stacey Greene

    You’re moving! Yay! Congratulations and good luck with your hectic schedule! You will be great :]

    • Kayli Schattner

      Thanks, Stacey! You’re always so encouraging. :)

  • The Travel Hack

    Thanks for including my Bruges post Kayli!

    • Kayli Schattner

      Of course– it looks so beautiful.

  • Ashley Z.

    Congrats and good luck!

    • Kayli Schattner

      Thanks, Ashley!

  • Chelsea

    Going to check out these links now! Enjoy kayaking :D

    • Kayli Schattner

      Thanks, Chelsea– hope you enjoyed the links! x

  • Camille

    Congrats with all the updates! And Glad to meet another AZ girl :)

    • Kayli Schattner

      As always, glad to meet another AZ girl as well! What’s your blog name? :)

  • Karissa Ancell

    These are some great links. Thanks!

    • Kayli Schattner

      Of course, Karissa! Glad you enjoyed. :)

  • Lindsay

    Where are you moving to?? I am wanting to take a day trip to Sedona on Sunday so let me know of what places I should go to! I want to bring my dog with so I am looking for easy dog friendly trails :)

    • Kayli Schattner

      I’m moving to Tempe! And definitely take a day-trip. :) There are SO many great trails– West Fork would be the perfect one for an easy dog-friendly visit. Also eat at The Field– such a fresh selection of meals for a post-hike lunch.

  • esther julee

    i def agree with the article about starting a biz in your 20s. :) less obligations so you’re able to take many more risks!

    • Kayli Schattner

      I totally agree, Esther!

  • Stefany @ ToBeThode

    When my daughter was in the hospital I had someone give me a keyboard for my iPad (regular one) and it was a lifesaver. You should totally grab one of those when you can!

    • Kayli Schattner

      I think I will as soon as I have a little extra money to invest!

  • Jenna Brussee

    I am planning to launch a business, so that was a great read! Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Kayli Schattner

      So happy to hear that, Jenna! I love writing for Chelsea– she’s great. Also, my Power Hour’s this week are only $50 if you want to book and get some info for your new biz. :)

  • Carly Anderson

    Wow, you definitely have a lot going on right now! I hope that your mom and school goes well!

    • Kayli Schattner

      Thanks, Carly!

  • Mandi Kane

    I think our economy would be in MUCH better shape if more people took the leap and embraced entrepreneurship.

    Thanks for sharing all this.

    • Kayli Schattner

      I definitely think people should consider looking at passive streams of income, it could do wonders for families across the world.

  • Christen

    Great post! Good financial insight.

    • Kayli Schattner

      Thanks, Christen!

  • Samantha Horseman

    I’ve been following along on your adventures via instagram and it looks amazing!! Excited about the Holiday Gift Guide

    • Kayli Schattner

      So glad to hear that, Samantha!!! I’m so excited to put it out there.

  • Rebekah

    kayaking sounds fun! A keyboard for iPads is a must, makes everything so easy!

    • Kayli Schattner

      It was a blast, Rebekah and yes, I think I’ll need to invest in the keyboard soon. :)

  • Raewyn Smith

    Oh, I hope you had a wonderful trip!! Thanks for sharing these links :)

    • Kayli Schattner

      Thanks, Raewyn! It was lovely. :)

  • Lyssadawson

    Wow girl! Sounds like you are super busy!! But that gift guide sounds like it’s going to be fun!

    • Kayli Schattner

      I definitely am but am SO thrilled about the gift guide. So many amazing small businesses have signed-on + I couldn’t be happier!

  • Jessica at Team Wiking

    Great set of links. The blueberry muffins look delicious!

    • Kayli Schattner

      Don’t they?! Uh, I wish I could eat them through my computer screen.

  • Lauren

    Love the links – I want that mini ipad case too! A keyboard would be so functional :)

    • Kayli Schattner

      It totally would be! Soon. :)

  • songbirdsandbuttons

    Ah I want a keyboard too! Would make things so much easier!

    • Kayli Schattner

      Totally agree!

  • Avie T

    Great post! Sounds like you have a busy schedule!

    • Kayli Schattner

      Thanks, Avie! And yeah, I do, but it’s worth it. :)

  • Neely

    Yummy muffins!

    • Kayli Schattner


  • Felt With Love Designs

    We would love some more info on the gift guide! I am currently setting up our shop for the holidays and should be done in the next couple weeks.

  • Deidre Emme

    Great links. You had me clicking around for awhile :)

    • Kayli Schattner

      So glad to hear that, Deidre!

  • Ruffled Paper – Jessica

    Great links. That workout top is so funny :)

    • Kayli Schattner

      Isn’t it?! I want it so bad.

  • Jessica

    The workout top is hilarious!! The Zagg folio makes the iPad mini look like a tiny MacBook!! How cute!

    • Kayli Schattner

      I love that about it too– it looks so sleek!

  • Ayana Pitterson

    Love how this post is written with these links. That blueberry muffin bake is calling my name by the way.

    Thrifting Diva

    • Kayli Schattner

      Thanks, Ayana :)

  • Amber

    My family and I just went to Sedona on Sunday for a day trip! It’s so gorgeous up there! And we are heading to Europe on Saturday! Thanks for the link!

    • Kayli Schattner

      How fun! I love Sedona! Where are you going in Europe?! I’d love to hear all about it when you get back. :)

  • Camesha

    You had me a blueberry muffins! :)

    Enjoy your time away!

    • Kayli Schattner

      Thanks, Camesha! We did.

  • Chrissy Jordan

    I honestly didn’t know what was going on with the links until I read the comments! lol I feel silly.

  • AlesheaDominique

    Ohh. i need to pay attention more that you post all these specials

  • Aukele | 91DASH

    I sell my Dad’s seasoning salt online at Most of my orders are local, but every now and then I get hits from the mainland and Canada.

  • Ashley Nicholas

    Good luck with your move! My husband and I are moving too, so I know how stressful it can be!