How to Work While on a Staycation (without losing your mind!)

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I recently took my sisters on a staycation at the amazing Boulders Resort + we had the best time. We ate at the incredible Palo Verde restaurant (their heirloom tomato salad + grilled beef fillet aren’t to be missed!), swam in the Lodge pool that budded right up against the serene desert landscape, watched movies cuddled-up in their fluffy white beds, went off-site to have a spa day (pedis, facials + massages? Don’t mind if we do!) and had the best time bonding and laughing and just being together.

However, because I’ve been traveling so much this summer (I know, woe is me right? Please.) I knew I’d have to catch-up on work during our time there + to be honest, I didn’t mind one bit. Working while on a mini-vacation is way more tolerable than you’d think. Dread the thought of working while on vacation but know you have to? Don’t sweat it, girlfriend! I gotchu.

Here are my no-fail tips for mixing work + play (because it can totally be done):

Wake-up Early

I’m already an early bird, so I know this one is often easier said than done, but wake-up before your travel mates + start off by doing things you look forward to doing. I started each morning with a bubble bath + meditation and journaling. After that, I’d dive-in to my “must-do” work. Set a timer on your phone/watch/what have you and don’t let yourself work past that time. I’d often work from 7:45-10 when my sisters and I would go get breakfast and found that if I set a time for myself, I could often accomplish everything on my to-do list because I wasn’t dilly-dallying.

Mix Work + Pleasure

After dinner, I’d order a glass of Rosé at the hotel lounge + work from their big cushy chairs while girl talking with my sisters. Because I had already done my heavy work for the day in the morning, I’d do ‘fluffier’ tasks during this time like answering emails and scheduling posts to go out for my social media clients.

Notify Your Clients

I like to notify my clients ahead of time that I won’t be available during my normal business hours, but will be checking my email in the morning and evening. This prevents them from being anxious over their (sometimes urgent) requests and allows me to have the freedom of my day.

Staycations are wonderful because you already know the area fairly well and can take the time to relax + worked in a calmer setting (where chores like laundry + cleaning the kitchen aren’t constantly beckoning to you!) and I plan on taking many more because it skyrocketed your girls’ productivity. Holllaaaa.

Working from vca doesn’t seem like your cuppa tea? To be honest, it often isn’t mine either and that’s why I have an upcoming post revolving all around prepping your business for a vacation. What would you like to know? Let me know in the comments, below! xo 


Although this post was sponsored by The Boulders Resort & Spa, all opinions are my own + I 100% recommend this dreamy place. 


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