Eating Healthy On A Budget

eating healthy on a budget

1. Shop the Sales

I like to check-out the ad section in the Sunday paper + frequently pop-in to health food stores to see what sorts of sales are going on in my area. Things like fruits and meat can get expensive, but you’d be surprised how often specials come through– I actually just got home from buying two containers of strawberries for only $5! Certified organic too. :)

2. Eat Seasonally

Eating seasonally is one of the best things you can do to eat healthy on a budget and it’s much easier than you think. Not sure what’s in season when? No problem! Print out this chart and keep it handy when you’re…

seasonal eating chart

3. Meal Planning

I know, I know, the drag that is meal planning (!!!) However, I swear it’s not that bad. I started meal planning this year and not only am I eating way healthier, I’m spending so much less on groceries too!

A personal tip of mine? Try to use a few of the same ingredients in your meals and buy what you can in bulk for the week to save a little extra.

4. Don’t Eat Out

I know it’s not reasonable to say stop eating out completely (I love my Taco Tuesday lunch dates with the girls just as much as the next person!) but try to choose a healthy option when on-the-go. I like to always have something pre made in the fridge so I usually make a big salad at the beginning of the week.

Another thing I love to do? Shop the pre made section at Sprouts! I’m always finding super healthy lunches there– my last find? A quinoa pasta salad for $2.68!

5. Make Your Freezer Your BFF

I like to buy fruits I like when they’re in season and then freeze them so I have them on hand later (when they’re more costly in the grocery aisles!) I also am obsessed with the packaged bags of fruit at Fresh & Easy– super inexpensive and especially great in my smoothies!

6. Shop the Perimeter

The perimeter of the grocery store is where most healthy food is sold and when you shop the outside you’re more likely to buy more nutritious options. Another plus is you’re staying away from most of the processed foods that mark their prices up + are so hard to pass up in the moment. My weakness is Chips Ahoy. I’ve learned this from experience.

7. Visit a Local Farmers Market

A better suggestion? Shop the farmers market! Not only are the fruits and vegetables being sold usually 10 x’s healthier than the food sold in stores, you’re helping a local family put food on the table. Farmers markets are a great place to get deals– especially if you go near the end when they start marking down the prices so they don’t have to haul it all back home.

8. Choose Cheaper Cuts of Meat

I know the filet mignon looks amazing, but it’s probably not the most cost effective option! Ground chuck, flank steak and chicken thighs are all better options.

How do you eat healthy on a budget?
  • Kaelene @ Unlocking Kiki

    I am all about meal planning, it really does help save some extra money!

    • Kayli Schattner

      It sure does!!

  • Gina Alyse

    I love this! I’ve lately been trying to eat healthier and save money. I think these tips are so useful! I loved the reminder to eat what is in season. I think we sometimes forget that! Thanks Kayli for this insight!

    • Kayli Schattner

      You rock, Gina! Love that you liked the seasonal eating chart as well :)

  • Jessica Wendel

    I absolutely love this post! I’ve been thinking about how I can save money while also eating healthier and this list has given me so many more additional ideas. Thanks, Kayli!

    • Kayli Schattner

      Of course, Jessica! I’m so glad you found it to be useful. :)

  • MarriednNaked

    Meal planning has been key to helping me eat better. Thinking and planning ahead makes a huge difference for sure.

    • Kayli Schattner

      It definitely does! I recently tried out a Groupon for HelloFresh and it was incredible. I highly recommend it! Not exactly budget friendly, but SUCH a time saver!

  • Jaime

    Great tips! Meal planning has helped keep me on track. If you already have dinners and snacks planned, you have no excuse to eat something bad. =P

    • Kayli Schattner


  • Chelsie Carr

    Meal planning has been a huge game changer for me! We eat so much better when I go to the store armed with a list of good things to buy to make good things to eat! We do need to work on our healthy snacking, though

    • Kayli Schattner

      Amen! I like to keep a little drawer of healthy snacks in the fridge + making snack time a fun activity- I live right across the street from a Sprouts (dangerous!) so it’s fun for me to make a special trip for my afternoon munchies :)

  • imperfctconcept

    Yes, to all of this. You can eat healthy if you’re smart about everything. love all the insight

    • Kayli Schattner

      Thanks, Tasha! Glad you found it useful :)

  • Heather Sander

    I love farmers markets. Also, another tip is growing veggies yourself.

    • Kayli Schattner

      YES! Love gardening :) Last year, I grew veggies + loved it- when I have the space again, it’s a must!

  • geeksdiet

    These are great tips except number 7 doesn’t work for our farmers market, which mostly seems to be things like fancy pasta and really expensive pies!

    • Kayli Schattner

      Oh, wow! That’s crazy to me- where are you located? I know I found a locator website ages ago that may of help to you. :)

  • Mo Olivas

    Eating healthy is always WAY cheaper! I mean, eggs are what–2 bucks give or take? And veggies are always SUPER cheap. I’m always surprised when I go grocery shopping and only pick fresh ingredients. My bill is always about $40 than I anticipated to spend walking in. lol

  • Irene

    I love this post! These are great tips – it’s especially hard out in West Texas because we don’t get great produce. For meal planning, I’ve recently fallen in love with – it’s amazing and free!