DIY Stenciled Towels

February 19, 2014

*This is a guest post by Hayley from A Beautiful Exchange.

I’ve seen a bunch of people using stencils and stamps to paint different designs onto rugs, mats, really anything. I have been thinking of something stencil-worthy and thought that some little tea towels would be a really easy, cheap way to test out my stenciling skills!

Here’s what you need:
-Tea Towels

(I got mine at Target for $5)

-Stencils of your choice

(I bought the Martha Stewart Crafts stencils—they are more like stickers, but that makes them really versatile because you can use them on fabric and on glass, etc.)


(the Martha Stewart Crafts paint is supposed to stay on fabric, glass, really anything without using a medium. I haven’t washed my towels in the machine yet, but they seem to be holding up ok as of yet.)

-Foam Brush 

(You can buy one of those round ones and it will probably make your life much easier, but I just used one of the regular ones you can get for 10 cents.)

What to do: (this is SO easy)

1. Get a paper towel or piece of scrap fabric to lay underneath the towel. I left mine folded so I could stamp only what was going to be visible when it was hanging, but they are very thin, so you definitely want something under it so the paint doesn’t bleed through.

2. Stick down your stencil. Make sure it’s pushed down really good so the paint doesn’t slide under the lines of the stencil.

3. Paint! You only need about a dime’s size glob of paint. Start out with hardly any paint and slowly blot all over the stencil. You don’t want to use too much paint because it will start bleeding all over the stencil. Easy does it. ;)

I made this for a friend and totally wish I was keeping it. I think I’ll make a few for myself. :) 


  • Gina Bares

    Love! So pretty and easy to make!

  • Carissa Townsend

    Love that Hayley! =)

  • Ashley

    So fun and easy! I’m definitely going to make this once we paint our new house to get some cute matching towels. :)

  • Chelsea

    They look great!

  • Amy | Club Narwhal

    These are so cute, Kayli! I haven’t crafted with stencils very much but you’re making me want to try :)

  • esther julee

    What a great idea! :) I’ve been meaning to buy some new tea towels for food photos.. but maybe i’ll have to put this on my project list.

  • Kristen @ Treats and Travels

    How clever and fun are those?! Great idea!

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