Self Love, Chakras + Embracing the Woo (and you!)

the ultimate self love guide

A few nights ago I was browsing Pinterest + saw the quote, "She understood that the hardest times in life to go through were when you were transitioning from one version of yourself to another," from Sarah Addison Allen. I have mixed emotions about it because: a) I'm not going through a horrible time, in fact, I'm really happy. and b) I ... READ MORE

10 Tips for a Better Yoga Practice

10 Tips for a Better Yoga Practice

If you guys are new to the Kayli Wanders rodeo, you may not know that I fell in-love with yoga last year. I'm not one of those ya-ya raindancey types, so I mean this in the most sane way possible: yoga has done more than physically alleviate my pains (I'm 20 going on 80 with my back pains, you guys). It helps relieve my stress, center my inner ... READ MORE

TeaTox Review + Giveaway!


My Experience with SwamiMami Teas: I absolutely loved my Swami Mami Cleanse. After my first 2 days, I felt less bloated and like my body was cleansing. After 2 weeks, my skin was noticeably clearer too! The fruity taste was delightful and I loved that I didn't have to add unnecessary sweeteners (even honey or agave!) The tea comes with muslin bags, ... READ MORE

Mediterranean Orzo Recipe

Mediterranean Orzo Recipe ingredients

I'm the type of gal that likes an easy, go-to meal. Sure, every once and a while I like to bring out my inner Martha and spend hours in the kitchen, but most nights I prefer something quick I can fix-up after work. This Mediterranean orzo recipe is just that and I love it! The best part? It only uses 3 measly ingredients and is super fast for an ... READ MORE

Beginner Green Juice Recipe


For Christmas, I received something I have been wanting forever. No, not a diamond ring, a Land Rover or an expensive purse...a juicer. Okay, yeah, so I'm a nerd, so what? I was so excited to give it a try and when I did, it didn't disappoint! I bring to you the first (of what will without a doubt be many) incredible juice recipes! This one? A ... READ MORE

Tips for Shopping at a Farmers Market


I'm a sucker for a good farmers market. Always have been and always will be-- I don't know what it is. The yummy food? Knowing I'm buying local? Waking up early and having the sun shine while I shop outdoors for fruits and veggies (and most recently, a ridiculously good vegan chocolate chip cookie)? Milling around cash-only vendors pretending like ... READ MORE

Vegan Cuts Snack Box: Review

vegan cuts snack box haul

Last month when I participated in my vegan month, I had the opportunity to review the Vegan Cuts Snack Box. The Vegan Cuts Snack Box is a subscription box (think Birchbox or Ipsy) that costs $19.95/month and is filled to the brim with vegan goodies! The $19.95 includes shipping to the US, 7-10 products/month and mostly gluten free items. When I ... READ MORE

The Best Breakfast Burritos: Vegan


You guys, I have something I haven't been 100% open about...I've been hiding my secret to my favorite breakfast burritos for quite some time now. They're just too good, I was scared that if the recipe leaked, you all would be so consumed with their goodness you'd stop visiting. Now I know how selfish this is, and I'm ready to come clean. You'll ... READ MORE

15 Ways to Make Someone’s Day


There's so much animosity in the world, during these hard times it's important to remember that every person is fighting their own personal battle and that even a kind word can change someone's life. I’m someone that truly believes that positivity is like a boomerang, you throw it at someone and it comes right back to you. Isn’t that just so ... READ MORE