Tonto Natural Bridge

Getting to Tonto Natural Bridge

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that G recently had knee surgery after over a year of having problems-- this meant no couple hiking! That means that after a year of wanting to rip each other's eye balls out being stuck inside, when we finally were able to venture to Tonto Natural Bridge for G's first hike back a couple of weeks ... READ MORE

Seven Falls Hike: Tucson, AZ


Well, Arizonian's, it's that time of the year now where we all want to break out our hiking shoes and return to one of the reasons why we love this state oh so much, the fact that we get to hike and partake in outdoor activities (really, all year) starting right  Note to every other state (besides California): Please don't hate us, ... READ MORE

Bobo’s Restaurant


A few weeks ago, I ventured down to Tucson with some friends that go to U of A. Not only did we have a great time, but I had the best breakfast ever. Like, of my life. For you Tucson regulars, the voice inside of your head is probably going, "Oh, so she went to Bobo's" while your stomach growls crazily. Sorry if I just caused any insane ... READ MORE