Tips for Phone Interviews

Tips for a phone interview

I consider myself an outgoing person and -weirdly enough- I enjoy interviews. I think it's fun to answer questions and dress professionally and all that jazz. (Not so weirdly enough) most people do not. However, back in 2013 when I had my first phone interview, I had no idea what to expect. My non-verbal cues couldn't be expressed (or so I had ... READ MORE

Twitter Hacks for Bloggers + Small Business Owners

How to make your small business' twitter presence shine

Making your Twitter presence shine can be hard work + I'm not going to lie, when I signed-up back in 2011 I took one look at the newsfeed, clicked around for 10 minutes and signed off not to return until 2013. And wow! Am I glad I did. With over 271 million active users, about 36 million unique visitors per month only on desktop and the record ... READ MORE

9 Steps To Taking Better Pictures

How To Take Better Pictures

1. Take Advantage of Natural Lighting Taking advantage of natural lighting is one of the most valuable pieces of advice I can give to you when it comes to photography. Although in today's day in age flash, reflectors and other items make it quite easy to create incredible photos, natural light is easy, looks incredible with almost any subject and ... READ MORE

10 All-Star Social Media Tips (From a Social Media Manager)

Social Media Tips

Hi, everyone! Ever since I made it known that I'm a social media manager + consultant, I've been getting a lot of questions revolving around the social media world + how to best utilize the various platforms (ya know, Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Google+, etc.)  Since I want to make all of your socialmedia presences shine like they deserve, here's a ... READ MORE