Biz Babe Spotlight: Paige Poppe

Paige Poppe Career Spotlight

Paige Poppe is a 22 year-old powerhouse playing + working in San Luis Obispo, California where she’s currently finishing up the last semester of her undergrad in architecture. Photo Credit: Weekends Are For Lovers If you were to look at Paige Poppe’s artwork you might question, “How did she not do this her whole life?”  The designs are intricate ... READ MORE

Twitter Hacks for Bloggers + Small Business Owners

How to make your small business' twitter presence shine

Making your Twitter presence shine can be hard work + I'm not going to lie, when I signed-up back in 2011 I took one look at the newsfeed, clicked around for 10 minutes and signed off not to return until 2013. And wow! Am I glad I did. With over 271 million active users, about 36 million unique visitors per month only on desktop and the record ... READ MORE