Bulletin Board DIY

If you’re a usual around these parts, you probably know that I just moved into a new apartment and am looking to spruce things up! The other day I was scheming ways to dress-up my desk space and thought of doing cute bulletin boards. I had seen them in a PB Teen catalog a while back and thought they were the bees knees. And for you new readers, yes, I am 19…not 80. But I like that phrase. Anyways, they were ridiculously expensive to buy already done-up and I seriously couldn’t justify buying a $60 bulletin board. That’s straight-up crazy. So, I ventured to Target and Hobby Lobby and made my own. And guess what? The grand total was: $17.84! I have to admit, I was pretty darn impressed.

The Easiest Bulletin Board DIY Ever

Before we embark on this lovely tutorial I just want to inform you all that I am not a crafter. Well, I guess I technically am, but I usually have no patience for DIY’s and when I find or dream-up something Pinteresty it turns out looking like a major fail. I’m happy to say that this tutorial is so easy a Kayli could do it and only took a total of 15 minutes to construct! Enjoy!

Bulletin Board DIY suppliesSupplies Used:

  • Cork Boards from The Board Dudes available at Target
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Three-Fourths of a yard of each fabric I bought (if you were to get only one color/type of fabric this means you would then buy one and a half yards)

Step 2 of Bulletin Board DIYUnfold one piece of the fabric and cut down the middle.

Step 2

IMG_8890Fold the pieces over and make sure that there’s no excess fabric before you staple.

Step 5Pull the fabric taught and staple the first pieces of fabric to the cork board. I only used the needle in this photo to show a suggestion but for the rest of my boards only used my hands to pull the fabric and had success.


Step 6Begin bringing in the last two edges of the fabric and pull taught.

Step 6Staple these last two pieces in a “L” shape as shown above on all four inside corners.

DoneThe back of the completed bulletin board will look as so.

To hang:

Supplies Used:

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Level
  • Measuring Tape


levelFind a place you would like to hang your bulletin boards and level to assure they are hung straight.

HammerNail-in each corner of the bulletin board.

MeasureIf you’re doing tiles, assure they are properly spaced. I chose to do mine 2 inches apart on each side.

Bulletin BoardsVoila! You now have a lovely space to pin all of those to-do post-its and various sources of inspiration!


Do you think that bulletin boards could be used to beautify an office space? What are some of your favorite ways to make a work-space fun?

  • http://thekindside.blogspot.com/ Zauni | TKS

    Just moved as well, and was looking for cute bulletin board ideas. This is the easiest DIY for bulletins that I’ve seen so I think I’m going to try this one! :)

    Zauni | The Kind Side

    • http://www.kayliwanders.com/ Kayli Schattner

      Ah, I’m so excited to see your finished product, Zauni! Make sure you show me pics once it’s completed!! :) It makes me so happy that this was easy to follow. I almost feel like this post may have OVER COMPLICATED it. That’s how easy it was! If you have any questions or need any clarification just shoot me an e-mail :)

  • HeyCourtneyRae

    Love this DIY, my cube is so dull right now i’ll def make one of these to decorate!

    A Golden State of Mind

    • http://www.kayliwanders.com/ Kayli Schattner

      I am so glad to hear that, Courtney! It’s fun because there’s sooo many fabrics to choose from! If you go to Hobby Lobby like I did, make sure you get one of their 40% off coupons! They have them every week and make a huge difference. They’re mobile too, so no need to print!

  • http://www.itbritt.com/ Itbritt

    an actual pin board… that you got the idea for off pinterest…
    hahah life is so crazy.

    I love these, and have been working on a pin board for my office,
    I find it to be an absolute necessity.
    And these are extremely cute.

    • http://www.kayliwanders.com/ Kayli Schattner

      Hahaha, oh yes! ;) Although, I didn’t quite get this one off of Pinterest- I’ve always been a complete bulletin board nerd! Thanks for your sweet compliments! x

  • http://themagicpomegranate.blogspot.com/ josie c.

    Super cute and easy!

    • http://www.kayliwanders.com/ Kayli Schattner

      Thanks, Josie! I hope you have the chance to give it a try!

  • http://www.thestyledunce.com/ Katie @ The Style Dunce

    Cute! I love the chevron pattern!

    • http://www.kayliwanders.com/ Kayli Schattner

      Thanks, Katie! It took me a while to jump on the chevron bandwagon. But now I have some little details in my bedroom and I’m really likin’ it :) hope you have a great Friday!

  • transientexpression

    Not crafty? I don’t believe you! Those boards are super cute.

    • http://www.kayliwanders.com/ Kayli Schattner

      Awe, thank you!! I do think I’m getting better little by little! My downfall is definitely my patience. :)

  • http://www.allinasoiree.com/ Charmaine/ All in a Soiree

    This is such a cute simply diy! Thanks for sharing

    • http://www.kayliwanders.com/ Kayli Schattner

      I’m so glad you like it, Charmaine! I’m definitely surprised at how darn simple it all was! Makes me want to try out more projects like this one :)

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  • http://www.tiffanykhyla.blogspot.com/ Tiffany White

    I want to try this! It looks so simple. I love the chevron. So cute!

    • http://www.kayliwanders.com/ Kayli Schattner

      Thanks, Tiffany! It took me a while to jump on the chevron bandwagon, but I love incorporating it into my bedroom/workspace in little ways! Let me know if you have any questions or try it out :) I’d love to see pics of the finished product!

  • http://www.drawingdreaming.blogspot.com/ Ester Durães

    aww this is such a cute and original DIY, love it!

    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

    • http://www.kayliwanders.com/ Kayli Schattner

      Thanks, Ester! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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  • Kristyn Raleigh

    Love this! totes creeping on your blog right now ignoring the fact I have an exam in a few hours….