photo 4Recipe #1: Sunkist Lemons / Green Tea Brewed + Then Iced / Mint / Honey
Processed with VSCOcam with k1 presetRecipe #2: Orange / Sunkist Lemon
photo 3Recipe #3: Lime / Mint / Cucumber 
photo 2Recipe: Sunkist Lemon / Orange / Mint / Lime

I love making my own #vitaminwater– it’s a hundred times healthier than juices or soda and all of the fruit, veggies and herbs used have amazing health benefits.

Some of the main benefits include:
Lemon: Extremely alkalizing! They do wonders for your body’s pH balance
Lime: Has anti-viral properties that fight infection
Mint: Aids in digestion
Orange: Full of potassium + helps with heart helps
Cucumber: Lowers uric acid levels in your system, which helps with your kidneys


What’s your favorite detox water?

Although this post was sponsored by Sunkist, all opinions expressed are my own. 


After months + months of planning, The Passion Punch, has come to fruition and I am so enamored with my new baby.

Here to help with creative entrepreneurs, bloggers + small business owners web presences, I felt like this project was truly a product of my love for community building + people helping. A most perfect blend.

To celebrate the big day, G and I had the most wonderful lunch at PF Changs! Their new Chef’s Seasonal menu was fresh + delicious– get the heirloom tomato salad! I’m drooling just thinking about it.

photo 3 photo 5 photo 4 photo 2

Lucky for you, PF Changs wants to make your day too! They’re giving away a trip to Boston to tour for you and your BFF and a brewery tour while in the city! You can enter here. Good luck!

Although this post was sponsored by PF Changs, all opinions stated are my own.


Rise Against Bullying

July 20, 2014

Take A Stand Against Bullying

Bullying is a topic near and dear to my heart and something that happens all too often in the US and around the world. In our schools, on our playgrounds and throughout our community. Approximately 13 million kids will be bullied this year in the US alone and 60% of 4th through 8th graders report being victims of bullying. Let’s lower that statistic together by educating and rallying students with anti-bullying initiatives, teach our children how to be empathetic and talk about the effects bullying has both short + long term. It shouldn’t hurt to be a child and it’s weird NOT to be weird.

Ready to stand with me + fight against bullying? The “I Choose” Anti-Bullying campaign brings Classroom Challenge Kits into schools and youth groups everywhere at:


As a college student, I know what it’s like to pinch pennies. Just because I’m a girl on a budget doesn’t mean I can’t eat healthy though! On my last visit to Fresh & Easy, I got a bunch of snacks for under $20! Not only will they last me at least a week (if I didn’t have a garbage disposal boyfriend that ate everything, it’d be much longer) but I can feel good about eating them while I inevitably binge watch Netflix.

Here’s what I got:

DSC_0720Ruby Rocket’s Fruit + Vegetable Pops • Lemon Cilantro Hummus • An All-Natural Fruit Strip • Wasabi Seaweed Snackers • Rush Granola Bowl • Lentil Snaps • Garlic Crisp Crackers • Blueberry & Flax Granola Clusters • Boom Chica Pop Popcorn

Ready to create your very own Fresh & Easy healthy snack haul for under $20? Do it + then share your haul with me using #kwgoesfresh hashtag!

To locate a Fresh & Easy store near you, use their store locator.

Although this post was sponsored by Fresh & Easy, all opinions stated are my own. 


TeaToxTitle TeaToxBattle

My Experience with SwamiMami Teas: I absolutely loved my Swami Mami Cleanse. After my first 2 days, I felt less bloated and like my body was cleansing. After 2 weeks, my skin was noticeably clearer too! The fruity taste was delightful and I loved that I didn’t have to add unnecessary sweeteners (even honey or agave!) The tea comes with muslin bags, but to be honest, they got hard to wash after the third day of use, so I put my tea into teapods I already had and it did the trick perfectly! I’d highly recommend this cleanse to anyone! 

Mo’s Experience with YourTeaThe Tiny Tea detox from Your Tea was amazing! The tea itself doesn’t taste great, but as an avid tea drinker I can drink it plain, no problem. I’ve heard of others adding honey to theirs, but I preferred mine without. I didn’t notice a huge boost in energy, however it was suddenly cake to get up at 7 or 8 a.m. for a light workout. I noticed less bloating, it was easier to work out, my body toned up and lost weight quicker and I wasn’t as tired throughout the day. I also noticed I digested food a lot more easily. This stuff’s not magic per-say but if you want to realistically “shrink” your belly and get more energy, Tiny Tea is the way to go. I only gave it a 3.5 because of the smell, taste and the fact that it says 3x a day (a little too much for me. I used it twice a day and still saw results). 


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If you follow me on Instagram, you know that farmers’ markets are one of my very favorite Saturday morning rituals. Usually, G + I hit-up a local market and then go to coffee afterwards. It’s a great way to begin our day and a yummy one to boot! I like to keep my outfits easy going and bright on these days– fun, easy to put on (I don’t always love waking-up at 7:30! ;) ) and cute.


Shirt // Shorts // Sandals

What’s your favorite Saturday morning activity? 

Although this post was sponsored by Levi’s, all opinions stated are my own. 


Hi, all! For those of you that follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you already know that I had the chance to visit Rocky Point, Mexico this past Spring and it was incredible. It was a weekend spent with good people, good food, good drinks + relaxing vibes. I was given the opportunity to stay at the Bella Sirena Resort thanks to Seaside Reservations and was blown away by the premises and room! It was elegant, clean and huge. 

Bella Sirena is perfect for you if:
  • You want a relaxing getaway in a setting that’s more like a condo than a hotel room.
  • If you want to do most of the cooking.
  • If you want to stay off-the-grid and not have tons of loud neighbors.
  • If you want a calm place that overlooks the ocean and has a private beach.
  • If you’d like to have 3 different pools without the party-all-day atmosphere.

swim-up bar at bella sirena rocky point, mexico margaritas in mexico walking along the beach in rocky point DSC_0358 Review of the Bella Sirena Resort in Mexico Bella Sirena Rocky Point, MX Puerto Penasco Mexico review bella sirena review bella sirena 2nd bedroom at the bella sirens

10174858_10202767079991731_8400086675692316730_n DSC_0434We went into town and had a blast drinking street-side pina coladas, munching on amazing Mexican food + buying goodies!


C/O  Seaside Reservations, all opinions are my own. 


Weekly Wishes

May 12, 2014

weeklywishes3This weekend was so great and went by way too fast! It’s Monday + back to the grind. I have a super busy week ahead, but am excited to finally be done with school for the semester! Last week, my Weekly Wishes were to catch up on some client work, get some more planning done for The Passion Punch + submit all of the paperwork for our (hopefully) new apartment. I’m happy to say that all of this got done! I am so happy and even though I have tons more to do, it feels nice to tick a few things off the list.

This Week, my Weekly Wishes are to:
  • Do 3 client tasks that are larger projects.
  • More planning for The Passion Punch– the launch is getting closer!
  • Go the farmers market + get some yummy fresh foods on Saturday with G.

What are your wishes for the week? 



What’s In My Bag?

May 9, 2014

What'sInMyBagKleenex– For my Springtime allergies! // Coach Wallet // EOS lip balm– the only one that saves my dry lips! // Sunglasses // NYC Lipgloss // Idea Notebook // Mango Jasmine Lotion // Pink BIC Pen // Erin Condren Planner

What’s a must have in your bag? Wanna go a step further to get some fun ideas for items to include in your bag? Take this style quiz! 

Although this post was sponsored by Kleenex, all opinions stated are my own + I only promote products I genuinely like. 



Weekly Wishes

May 5, 2014

WeeklyWishes1Can I just start off with saying how happy I am that I have my last two finals this week? I’ll finally have more time for client work, blogging, learning photography + tons of other things that I’ve been wanting to do and I am so excited! Last week, my Weekly Wishes were to finish my final papers by Tuesday night, get all of the paperwork submitted for our (hopefully) new apartment and relax this weekend. I did finish my finals papers by Tuesday night, I didn’t get all of the paperwork submitted (I kept on forgetting!) and I did get to relax some. It felt so darn good to just lay out by the pool, do my nails + watch a couple Parts Unknown episodes!

This Week my Weekly Wishes are to:
  • Catch-up on some client work.
  • Get some solid game planning done for The Passion Punch.
  • Submit all of our paperwork this time! It has to happen.

What are your weekly goals for the week?