Backpacking Checklist {Free Printable!}

Hi, loves!

Now that I’ve been back for 3 months (holy cow??) I figured it’s about time I start sharing more about my 28-day backpacking trip around Europe that I took this summer.

As you can imagine, packing for a trip of this length can be stressful. Factor in the added craziness of being on-the-go every few days and (if you’re like me) not wanting to only pack a few shirts and a pair of shorts like so many people suggest (I like my options, okay?!), it can cause you to get downright batshit crazy overwhelmed.

So, to try to help my stylish lady friends that want options on the road, I’ve put together an all-inclusive packing list that you can whip-out before your next exciting adventure. Just promise me you’ll take lots of pictures, okay?


I highly recommend this backpack. It provided plenty of space, a variety of different compartments + was comfortable on my smaller frame (I’m 5’3″)– definitely would use again!

These sandals were basically the comfiest walking shoes in the whole wide world! I wore them almost everyday of the trip, didn’t get a single blister and felt like I was walking on a cloud the whole time I was in them– and I was galavanting around for 12-16 hours some days! Go get ‘em. Tell yo Mom, tell yo frands.

This cheeky eye-mask came in handy the night I stayed in a hostel, took a night train and on all of those long flights!

Other Recommendations:

An easy black dress to dress-up or down

Travel towel

Fun travel toothbrush with cover

REI Dual Converter Kit

I loved this passport cover


Would you add anything to the list? 

Canon Maxify Printer Review (+ Free Printables Every #GirlBoss Needs!)

IMG_7144Alright, guys, I’m about to geek out for a second and tell you how much I adore my new Canon Maxify printer! I got the MB5320 Wireless Small Office All-in-One Inkjet option and am seriously in love. 

First things first, yes, I was sent the printer to try out for free but was in no way required to write about or review my experience. This post is coming from the bottom of my love struck heart and I recommend it to everyone looking for a home office printer. The Maxify provided incredible laser quality + scanning capabilities and the ability to print things wirelessly makes working on my laptop a breeze.

To help celebrate my new office addition (why am I such a sucker for office supplies? These notebooks are coming next!) Theresa Delaney and Laura Knopp created a set of printables that I know all of you will eat-up. :)

Download from the links below + enjoy!

Laura’s Prints


Theresa’s Prints

Although this post was sponsored by Canon, all opinions expressed are my own. 

Loving on the Holiday Inn Express

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Holiday Inn Express for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hi, loves!

I know it has been a while (life got crazy, but more on that in an upcoming post! Also, anyone else whose life got chaotic for while this summer?) but I am beyond so super excited to share my experience with the Holiday Inn Express today.

Their #PancakeSelfie truck recently came through Tempe + I got to chow down on some selfie pancakes (yeah, you read that right), dance with some fun people + share just how much I love travel and a good homestyle breakfast while on the road. :)

blog image 1 pancake selfie truckNext time I’m on the road, I can’t wait to stop in for some delicious breakfast, a comfy bed (have you been to one of these before?! They’re amaze.) + some back-home hospitality.

Get your own #PancakeSelfie on + stop-in to learn more about the Holiday Inn Express at one of these upcoming stops:

Sept. 21-22: Long Beach, CA

Sept. 24-27: Los Angelas, CA

Sept. 30-Oct 3: San Francisco, CA

Oct. 5-6: Oakland, CA

Oct. 9-11: Sacramento, CA

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Biz Babe Spotlight: The CoFounders of Shop Olive You

Biz Babe Spotlight: CoFounders of Shop Olive You


Name: Taylor Kerley

Ages: 21

Business: Shop Olive You

Location: 617 E. Apache Bvld. #162 Tempe AZ 85282

Years in Business: 2 years in September!

What inspired you to open the shop?

Both Michele and I are always looking for a good deal when we are shopping, but had a taste for clothes that not always allowed the affordability that we would have liked. So, we opened the store to give our girls a fresh and rich looks on a college budget!

What’s the hardest part about owning a business while still enrolled in school?

The time. I SO wish that I could dedicate 100% of my time to the store, but will school as a priority as well, it gets hard some times. It all about balance and prioritizing.

What’s the best thing about working with your sister?

The best part about working with Michele is having someone else who as equally as passionate about the store that I am!

Your favorite part about Olive You?

Seeing other girls wear our clothes. Nothing beats it!

Any fun facts you’d like to share?

Almost all of the furniture in the store was DIY! You should have seen Michele (who was 4 months pregnant) and I sweating in our parents garage building, painting and sanding! We would say “I wonder if the Kardashians DIY’d their first store.” lol.

What would you credit as your largest success in business?

How connected we are with our girls who shop at the store. We know them by name and know what they are looking for. Because of this we see their faces in the store 2, 3, sometimes even 4 times a week!




Name: Michele Tranberg

Age: 31

Shop Olive You is really making a name in the Phoenix fashion scene and the community is really seeing you ladies everywhere. What are your top tips for good publicity?

Being a small business, we have used the grass roots approach. We personally reach out to bloggers, clubs, sororities and offer a partnership whether it’s through events or publicity. We also do our best to accommodate the support requests i.e. silent auction, gift bag swag etc. – we realize it’s an opportunity to get our name out there. The more mentions we get the better – especially via social media being that’s the best platform to reach our customers.

What tips do you have for someone wanting to open a brick and mortar storefront on a modest budget?

Make sure you build out a realistic budget and set daily sales goals. Be very particular about location – be sure there’s foot traffic.

What would you credit as your largest success in business?

I would say the level of clothing we carry and the affordable price we sell it at. We take pride and personally pick out all the pieces in store – it’s on edge trends that are super affordable catering to our college clientele.

What specific tasks to each of you handle? (For instance, is one more of the creative and one is more of the finance/legal, etc.)

Taylor is definitely the more creative one, being an art major. I deal more with budget, payroll and banking.